– simple WHOIS

I’ve been contemplating the idea for my own domain WHOIS site for a very long time. Being bored a few weeks ago, I started looking for a suitable script and found one that was developed by YMQZ ( It has a great functionality, but the output looked a bit archaic.

I modified the page to use the Skeleton boilerplate which is not that complicated as Bootstrap, but does the job nicely. I also parsed the WHOIS output to be more responsive and changed the form. The whole endeavor turned into a nice domain WHOIS search site that I personally use on a regular basis. It supports GET requests and can be used in a combination with a context menu browser custom search, as explained in the introduction for by web dig interface Basically, if you visit, the page will load the WHOIS record for the domain name. You can set a context search engine via a browser plugin. Then you can just select a domain name in the text of a browser page and query its WHOIS record by right-clicking the string and selecting the WHOIS search engine.

For performance reasons, caches the output of the WHOIS searches for the domain name. If a particular name is queried multiple times, the system will output the cached result by default. However, there is an interface to perform a direct search and override the cache.

This is still a work in progress. I guess, I will add the option to purchase the available domain names via my registrar of choice – ICDSoft is a web hosting service by default, but sells domain names at a very competitive price. The company resells domain names for Enom. Since it is a big reseller, the negotiated prices are very low. Standalone .com domain names cost $9.99 at the moment (registration, transfer, and renewal). The price is even lower if the name is purchased with a hosting account ($9.07). The company has a handy management interface with free domain privacy protection and free DNS service.

I really wanted to have a single WHOIS word domain name, such as,, etc., but they are all reserved or already taken. That’s why, I resorted to, which is not a bad name in general.

Please feel free to check my domain WHOIS site at